Gooey cinnamon buns and candies—yum! Unless you’re absolutely meticulous in your brushing and flossing habits, you might be looking for trouble face-on!

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Bacteria’s True Love—Sugar that Sticks

No, it’s not just your waistline that’s set to expand when you indulge in sugary snacks. Bacteria feed off any sugar residue left on your teeth and multiply! It produces an acid, which erodes dental enamel while releasing toxins into your body.

General dentists, like Langley Dentist, Dr. Garrett, are learning more and more about this connection between your oral health and how it correlates with heart disease, birth weight of babies, diabetes, and other health disorders. In short, bad bacteria put more than your smile at risk—it involves the health of your entire body. How can you cut down the numbers?

5 Grocery-Cart Essentials

Here are 5 key grocery-store items that contribute to a beautiful, healthy smile, which you’re entire body will thank you for!

*Crunchy apples— Apples gently remove debris from teeth. You may as well call them mini-toothbrushes because of their slightly astringent nature and natural “scrubbing” qualities.

*Cheese—The calcium and phosphorus found in cheese re-mineralizes teeth affected by acid from bacteria. Also, the protein and fat in cheese lightly coats your teeth and can serve as a protection from acidic substances. Ever notice how much less a glass of wine stains your teeth if you’ve just previously been nibbling a piece of cheese?

*Green Tea—Unsweetened drinks are great for your teeth (especially water!) because they flush away food particles before they have a chance to feed bacteria. Green tea is highly recommended for its antioxidants.

*Celery and Carrots—These crunchy, low-sugar veggie snacks are great for stimulating lots of saliva and natural tooth scrubbers. Lots of saliva means washing away food particles and bacteria, leaving you with just the vitamins.

*Sugar-Free Gum—Yes, gum is sticky and sort-of like candy. But, what makes it okay is sugar-free gum. If your toothbrush isn’t handy after a snack or meal, sugar-free gum can snag bits of food from your teeth, plus increase cleansing saliva.

Help is Here!

So a toothbrush isn’t the only weapon you have in keeping your smile healthy—your diet helps as well! Regular dental check-ups and professional cleaning are essential for catching what you may have missed. Be sure to schedule your next appointment with Langley Dentist, Dr. Garrett today!