Dr. Cameron Garrett with his family

I am happy to announce that, after a 4-year search and countless interviews, I have finally found the perfect dentist to be my partner into the distant future.

Dr. Cameron Garrett is everything that I have been looking for. He has just the right amount of experience and enthusiasm to carry our team upward to new heights. A 2012 graduate of UBC Dental School, Dr. Garrett was at the top of his class and Valedictorian.

Home Town Dentists

There is a multitude of similarities between myself and Dr. Garrett. We are both British Columbia born and bred. Both of us have four children. And both of us are 100% dedicated to providing our patients with the best care we can offer.

The arrival of Dr. Garrett will allow me to apply more focus in treating chronic pain patients, snoring and sleep apnea, and childhood growth and development. Dr. Garrett also has a keen interest in these and will be helping me build this part of the practice.

He Met Our High Expectations

Dr. Garrett has already been working part-time in our office over the past several months and has met the lofty expectations of myself, the staff, and the patients that have been treated by him. His skills as a dentist are quite apparent and his personality shines through.

We are all very much looking forward to the years and decades moving forward with the new addition to our team. Thank you for your trust and loyalty, and for continuing your dental health care with us.