Our ultimate goal is for you to enjoy healthy gums and the health benefits that go along with them.
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Feel Happier With Your Smile
Healthy gums and teeth are the keys to a long-lasting smile.

Until recently, conventional hygiene procedures were doing little to disrupt existing gum disease. Now, patients are offered a specialized hygiene visit called Periodontal Therapy.

Using a combination of techniques, including laser therapy, we are able to significantly improve the health and healing of gums for weeks or even months.

Our goal is to see gums completely free of infection and inflammation. Some patients may need to come in every three months, whereas other patients may only need to come in once or twice a year.

Please visit us soon if you experience puffy, red, or bleeding gums.

Reduce the Risk
Periodontal disease can lead to more aggressive whole-health issues.

Although it is true that healthy teeth and gums produce a more beautiful smile, today’s research reveals the impact oral health can have on your body’s systems. In fact, inflammatory periodontal (gum) disease is linked to a HIGHER RISK of:

Heart Attack
Lung Cancer
Complications During Pregnancy
High Blood Pressure

Your Periodontal Solutions

Our aim is to see gums completely free of infection and inflammation.
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Periodontal Therapy
When gum disease is in its infancy, our caring team can use laser dentistry and hygiene techniques to rid your gums of infection. Through a custom hygiene program, we can return your gums to good health.
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Scaling & Root Planing
If the disease has become more severe, a deeper cleaning may be required. Scaling and root planing require our Langley dentists to go below the gum line and remove infection from around the tooth root.
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Specialist Referral
Occasionally the best option is to see a Periodontist who solely focuses on this area of dentistry. Our office has close relationships with local specialists who will be able to help with your condition.
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