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What is Myobrace®?

Correct your child's teeth and bite before it is too late!

Myobrace® is an innovative device for preventive pre-orthodontic treatment that addresses the causes of crooked teeth. This early treatment can prevent the need for orthodontic treatment with extractions and braces.

Rather than waiting for all the permanent teeth to come through, Myobrace® deals with incorrect oral habits before it is too late. This appliance corrects mouth breathing, tongue position, swallowing habits, improper jaw position, and face development. This allows room for the permanent teeth to come through straight and thus prevents the need for braces.

Myobrace® is best suited to children aged 3-15 years. Our dedicated expert will identify if your child is an ideal candidate during an initial consultation.

How Does It Work?

Myobrace® is an early prevention treatment designed for younger patients.

Myobrace® uses a series of removable appliances that are worn 1-2 hours each day and overnight. During treatment, there are four different stages with varying types of appliances to help improve the health of your child.

These appliances correct the negative habits and expand the arch-form while gently aligning the teeth and jaw. Appliances vary depending on age and the type of orthodontic problem.

Your skilled Langley dentist will walk you and your child through the Myobrace® Activities program. This is designed to improve the function of the appliance and produce even better results.

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Four Stages of Treatment
Learn more about each phase of Myobrace®.

Each of these stages uses a specific appliance to help achieve the end goals. Your child will feel the benefits of this course of treatment only by following the instructions provided by our skilled dentists in Langley, BC.

Correcting Habits

We’ll spend time teaching your child helpful habits, such as:

  • Breathing through their nose
  • Resting the tongue in the right position
  • Swallowing properly
  • Keeping the lips together

Correcting these oral habits will help with their development and prevent orthodontic issues from taking shape.

Arch Development

Our dentists may recommend helping your child with their arch development. During this time, we’ll aim to widen the upper jaw to allow for sufficient space for the teeth and tongue.
Other appliances may be needed to help with this development.

Dental Alignment

This stage normally occurs when all the permanent teeth are present and it is designed to align your child’s smile. The Myobrace® appliance gradually moves the teeth into their ideal position but does require constant wear.


This is the maintenance stage. As with regular retainers, the aim of this appliance is to ensure good habits are continued and the teeth remain in the correct position. If worn regularly, the retainer can allow for stable results and improved overall health.

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The Long-Lasting Benefits

Is Myobrace® really worth it?

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There are so many benefits to using the Myobrace® pre-orthodontic treatment program. In addition to the prevention of future orthodontic procedures or treatment, Myobrace® also provides the following advantages:

  • Teaches kids about good nutrition

  • Guides them to good oral habits

  • Helps with their breathing

  • Improves the alignment of their bite

Your child could get a real head start in life with Myobrace®. These comfortable and effective appliances are available at the Oral Health Solutions Dental Group.

See some of the proven results on the official Myobrace® website.

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