Reconstructive Dentistry

Repairing damage, relieving chronic pain, and delivering a dazzling, radiant smile.
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Why You Might Need Us?
Life can be hard on your smile.

Over the years, the wear and tear of our daily activities puts strain on our teeth and gums. As we live longer, our teeth have to last longer. Some people have a faster rate of tooth wear than others, usually due to functional issues in the bite.

This faster rate of tooth wear can lead to:

  • Premature aging of tooth appearance

  • Collapse of facial features

  • The need for dentures

There may also be pain issues accompanying the bite problem, including chronic headaches, jaw and ear pain, or tooth sensitivity.

How Can We Help?
We rebuild damaged teeth, gums, and the jaw to restore the healthy function of your mouth.

Reconstructive dentistry involves a combination of treatments, including:

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Dental implants
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I have been seeing Dr. Hill for almost two years now. If you were like me, terrified at the thought of any dentistry work, this is THE dentist to see. He's calm, knowledgeable, and understanding. He's going to do what it takes to make sure you feel comfortable. It is the same with every single staff member there. His work is impeccable as is his chairside manner. Well worth the visit!

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Count on Our Experts In Langley, BC

Our modern office can provide relief from chronic pain and prevent future wear and tear on your teeth.

Reconstructive dentistry at our Langley, BC office can provide relief from chronic pain and prevent future wear and tear on your teeth.

Correcting functional jaw and bite issues, PRIOR to reconstructive treatment is the key to creating long-lasting and healthy cosmetic results.

In the process of obtaining healthy function, we use modern technologies such as:

  • Electronic physiotherapy (TENS unit)

  • Electromyography

  • Computer jaw tracking

  • Computer bite balancing

Educated at one of the world’s premier institutes for post-graduate dental education, Dr. Steven Hill has been at the forefront of reconstructive dentistry for more than 20 years.

With hundreds of hours of advanced training, he and his staff provide access to some of the most modern services dentistry has to offer. What’s more, he does this in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere.

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