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Do you have questions for our dentists?

At Oral Health Solutions, each family dentist in our Langley dental office often hears the same questions about family dentistry.

So, we’ve gathered some of the most asked questions and are providing the answers right in this blog post. We will be answering:

  1. Do you see families and children?
  2. Do you have Saturday appointments?
  3. Do you accept my insurance?
  4. Are dental x-rays safe?
  5. How can I get my child to brush his/her teeth regularly?

1. Do you see families and children?

Yes! We love families! Our practice is family-oriented and covers all areas of family dentistry – from children’s dentistry to full mouth reconstruction.

Our dentists, Dr. Cameron Garrett and Dr. Cam Garrett, are both family men who understand the unique needs of each member of the family, whether they are kids, adults, or seniors.

Because of their extensive training and education, they offer a full-service practice, covering the needs of all family members. No need to be referred out to another office or team you don’t know for a portion of your treatment – we do it all here! Plus, we are always happy to schedule your family’s appointments together to make them more convenient for you.

We value the special relationships we have built with the families in our practice. We’ve been treating some of them into the second and third generation of family members!

If you are looking for a family dentist in Langley, please give us a call. We’d love to welcome you to our dental family.

2. Do you have Saturday appointments?

Yes, we do. Like you, we have busy lives, and we understand how difficult it can be to pack a dentist appointment into an already full schedule.

Our office is open:

  • Monday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • Friday: Closed
  • Saturday: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm (once a month by appointment)

We are open for early morning and evening appointments as well.

If you need a Saturday appointment, just let us know, and we will schedule it for you. Don’t worry about remembering when your appointment is; we will email or text you beforehand.

Our office is conveniently located across from the Willowbrook Shopping Centre in Langley for our patients coming from the nearby communities of Surrey, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, New Westminister, and Vancouver, BC,  and has on-site parking.

3. Do you accept my insurance?

Probably. We accept most insurance plans and are happy to bill them for you.

We want you to get the maximum benefits from your plan, and we will work with you and your insurance agency to do that.

Also, we offer a monthly payment plan for certain services. Just ask us about it.

We want you and your family to get the dental care you need, and we will do everything we can to make it happen!

4. Are dental x-rays safe?

We understand your concern and want to reassure you that yes, dental x-rays are safe. Radiographs or x-rays are important tools our dentists use to help care for your teeth.

Many oral diseases cannot be seen with a visual examination, but an x-ray can reveal:

  • Small cavities between teeth or hidden by fillings
  • Infections in the bone
  • Periodontal disease abscesses
  • Cysts or tumors

Early detection is the key to save time, money, and unnecessary discomfort.

Dental x-rays expose a small part of the body to a safe, low dose of radiation. Your oral health determines the number of x-rays we need to take, and we never take more than necessary.

5. How can I get my child to brush his/her teeth regularly?

We hear you! It can be a real challenge to get kids excited about brushing and flossing.

Here are a few tips from your family dentist in Langley:

  • Start them early by making it a part of their waking up and going to bed routine
  • Set a good example by brushing and flossing with your child and make it special as “Mommy/Daddy and me” time
  • Make it fun by playing games like brushing away the “sugar bugs” or use an app like Brush DJOpens in YouTube video that plays music
  • Use a flavored toothpasteOpens in Amazon website like bubble gum, cotton candy, or birthday cake

Part of our job as your children’s dental healthcare team is to help them understand the importance of brushing and flossing regularly. We make their hygiene visits with us educational and fun, so they feel empowered and excited about caring for their dental health.

Have more questions?

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