A young girl with her mom, learning how to avoid braces with Myobrace and the text: No braces needed!

Does your young child have orthodontic or bite issues that may require braces later?

How Can I Help My Child Avoid Getting Braces?

Myobrace® is a pre-orthodontic treatment that can help train children (ages 5 to 10 years old) to learn how to avoid braces in the future.

How does Myobrace® work?  Is the treatment convenient? How much does it cost?

Let’s find out!

What is Myobrace®?

In the past, the only way to deal with crooked teeth was to allow all the permanent teeth to come in and then use orthodontic treatment to straighten them.

Myobrace® or orthotropic treatmentOpens in the Orthotropics website works by guiding the growth of facial bones and correcting oral issues. This treatment creates the proper space for incoming permanent teeth and corrects habits that can cause misalignment.

The treatment involves a combination of habit correction therapy and the use of an oral appliance.

Compliance by your child with the outlined treatment is vital to its successful outcome. Keeping the procedure easy to do is essential, or your child will not want to do it.

How easy is the treatment?

Is treatment with Myobrace® convenient?

As we mentioned above, pre-orthodontic treatment takes two things:

  • Correcting poor oral habits that can cause tooth misalignment
  • Using the Myobrace® appliance to encourage proper jaw growth

Our Langley family dentists love working with families. They will work with you and your children to help correct poor oral habits that can cause tooth misalignment by teaching them exercises to:

  • Breathe through their nose
  • Rest their tongue in the right position
  • Swallow properly
  • Keep their lips together (to avoid mouth breathing)

These exercises are simple to do, involving movements of the tongue and mouth any child can do in just a few minutes a day at home. Make a game out of it, and your child will enjoy doing them!

Watch this short video to learn how easy the Myobrace® exercises are to do.

Your child will need to wear The Myobrace® appliance for 1 to 2 hours every day, and while he/she sleeps. Choose times when your child is distracted with other activities to wear the appliance (when he/she is doing homework, playing video games, or watching TV).

On top of that:

The appliance is made of flexible silicone and is comfortable to wear. You can easily clean it by holding it under warm running water every time your child removes it from their mouth.

A more thorough cleaning should be done twice a week.

As you can see, Myobrace® makes it very easy for your child to comply with treatment and learn how to avoid braces in the future.

Now you may be wondering:

Does this treatment work?

Read our earlier blog post about how effective Myobrace® treatment is for straight teeth.

How much will treatment cost?

Treatment costs vary, depending on the needs of the patient, the length of treatment, the number of dental visits required, and so much more.

Each case is different. However, the cost of Myobrace® treatment is comparable to treatment with braces.

The earlier treatment begins, the easier and faster corrections happen, possibly lowering costs.

But consider this:

By addressing the underlying causes of your child’s orthodontic issues, Myobrace® treatment prevents the likelihood of relapse.

You are saving the cost of additional therapy down the road!

Our team will give a detailed treatment plan at the beginning of your child’s treatment, so there will be no surprises or unanticipated expenses.

We welcome families to our practice, and we will work with you to make treatment payment easy and convenient for you.

Avoid braces and ensure a healthy smile

At Oral Health Solutions, we want what you want: What’s best for your child!

One of the real advantages of Myobrace® over braces is the treatment encourages healthy facial bone and muscle development, not just straight teeth. In turn, this will improve your child’s overall health and well-being.

We love kids, and we would love to talk with you about the possibility of Myobrace® treatment for your child and how to avoid getting braces.

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